Gary Silva
Gary Silva

Long Point Electric, Inc. Crew, 2007

25th Anniversary
Celebrating Our 25th Anniversary
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Long Point Electric, Inc. was founded in 1983 by Gary Silva. He was a graduate of The Franklin Institute of Technology. He was passionate about his community and building a successful electrical business. Gary and his wife, Sandy, started the company in the basement of their home in Provincetown, MA. In the beginning, they had one licensed electrician (Gary), one helper and a used van. Through a lot of hard work and determination, the business grew quickly. In 1987, Long Point Electric, Inc. moved to their present location at 105 Shore Road in North Truro, MA.

Sadly and unexpectedly, Gary passed away in 2002. He is missed very dearly.

At that point, long time employee, James Meads, Jr. stepped up to continue Garys legacy and run the company as Vice President and Master Electrician. Together with Sandy Silva, now President, they have successfully taken the company through those first few unsettled years without Gary.

To this day, the values of integrity, responsibility and hard work that Gary and Sandy initially based their business on are providing them continued success. They use these values to guide Long Point Electric, Inc. in the work they do and try to provide the best possible customer service. Because of these standards, Long Point Electric, Inc. has built, and continues to build, strong long-term relationships with its customers and the community.

Mission Statement

"Our mission in business is to be a recognized industry leader by providing our customers with the highest quality electrical work and unsurpassed customer service."

-Sandy Silva, President

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